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FULL NAME: Rebecca June Cartwright
BORN: 23rd July 1983, Blacktown Hospital
EYES: Blue
HOBBIES: Dancing, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Street Dancing,
Swimming, Roller - Blading, Horse - Riding, Acrobatics,
Aerobics and Singing.
- Kristy and OLDER BROTHER- Shaun .
PETS: 4 Dogs- Gizmo, Buster, Sunny & Abbey, 2 Horses-
Denni & Rice Bubble.
LIKES: Anything to do with Winnie the Pooh.
FOOD: Pizza and Chocolate Mudcake.
COLOUR: Purple
DRINK: Water and freshly squeezed juices.
MOVIES: Liar Liar, Legally Blonde and Charlie's
Angels Full Throttle.
ACTORS: Robin Williams Reese Witherspoon.
OTHER TV SHOWS: Water Rats, Police Rescue,
Heartbreak High and Totally Wild.
AWARDS: Junior Student of the year for Australian
College of Dance 1993/1995, Junior Drama
student in 1995, Student of the year for Masque
National institute for performing arts.
Her credits include entertainment for the Sydney
Blues Baseball Team 1994/96 seasons and for
Rugby League teams [ Parramatta, Easts, Wests
and Canterbury ] she also performed at the Sydney
Royal Easter Show.
She has also done catalogue work, voice- overs for
many corporations and commericals [ Kellogg's,
Pizza- Hut, K.F.C., Colgate, Coca- Cola and
Chrysler Jeep ].
PERFORMANCES: Disneyland, California 1996/97,
opportunity to perform on stage with the Australian
college entertainment.
When born Rebecca was to be named Johnathon if
she was a boy but she turned out to be a beautiful
little girl, her father wanted to name her Katie
and her mother wanted Rebecca, they tossed a coin
and she was named.
Rebecca is a busy young lady who when not acting
or singing like to catch up with friends and family
or just relaxing on the sofa. Go see her new offical
website or visit her other site at Starstruck.

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