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The soapies Home and Away and Neighbours have given us a steady stream of Pop Stars from Kylie Minogue to Holly Valance. Now there's another one ... Rebecca Cartwright. " I'm already to go ", says Rebecca. " I can't sleep at night, that's how excited I am ".
Bec [ as she is known to her friends ] is one of the most popular actors on Home and Away making the list of 21 Hottest Stars Under the age of 21, " Home and Away has been great for the acting part of my life but it has taken up until now for everything to fall together for me musically " she says. " It feels like its been a long wait but I remember the first time I heard All Seats Taken ... I was jumping out of my seat with excitement. So it has definitely been worth it ". 
Bec can't wait to be Bec and stop being seen only as Hayley. " The two things I look forward to the most are letting my fans hear me as Bec and not my character Hayley from Home and Away for a change ", she says. " ... and to taking my fans with me on  what is going to be an amazing ride. They have helped me and supported me all this time so I'm doing all of this with them very much in mind ". 
The musical debut of Bec Cartwright has been a long time coming. She has been singing and dancing since she was three years old. " Rebecca is an extraordinary talent who has an enthusiastic and loyal fan-base both in Australia and internationally who we know will be as happy as we are that she is embarking on a new chapter of her career ", says Shaun James, Chairman of Warner Music Australia.
The interest in Bec and the prior success of Holly Valance is sure to start a bidding war for the European signing of Rebecca Cartwright.