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Baby Animal

TG: Hi Bec!We're so glad you could help us out with our animal issue!
BEC: Well you're talking to the right person! I think I'm the biggest animal lover in the world! I'm part of the Taronga Foundation, I'm a younger representative. They try to raise money to do research to help animals and I get to go on Zoo-faris and things!
TG: Do you have any pets of your own?
BEC: I just spoke to someone about my dog for an hour the other day! I can talk about my pets forever! At my parents house there are two horses, Cindy and Rice Bubble and Rice Bubble is a little Shetland pony who was just given to us one day. It's great for when my cousins come over - we give them pony rides and that sort of thing. But he's called Rice Bubble 'cause he's as long as he is wide and he's white! Cindy is my dad's horse for his horse sports. I used to have a horse, Charlie but I sold him when I got to high school because I was really busy. So other than the horses there are four dogs, two of which are mine and live with me now - a labrador and a kelpie. The labrador's seven and her name's Abbey and the kelpie's just over one and he's called Buster. He's got far too much energy; he's hypo! 

TG: What's your favourite animal?
BEC: I love dogs 'cause they're always so happy and warm and they're the cutest little things. You can be in a bad mood and they'll still love you. And I also love monkeys! Any kind of monkey1 I'd love a pet monkey! When I was little I actually wrote a letter to the government and I got all my class-mates to sign it saying we should be allowed to have monkeys as pets and got my teacher to send it! Once I wanted to organise a dog camp with the animals at the RSPCA - kids could go to dog camp, name a dog, learn how to look after it and at the end they'd get to take it home. I have a friend who takes the animals from the RSPCA and looks after them, she has like 60 dogs! People comne to her house to find a pet dog and take it home. I also puppy-sit - that's when you take puppies home from the pet store overnight - it's so much fun!
TG: What's your favourite baby animal?
BEC: Besides puppies? I love baby gorillas in nappies!! There's this whole book on them! They have little rubbery faces and hands! I've seen them at the zoo!

TG: Do you get to visit the zoo much?
BEC: I actually made friends with an orangutan when we went to the back cages. It was after hours and they said they'd never seen him warm to someone like that - it was like he fell in love with me! He was pushing out his bed for me and handing me food and he aws standing right close to the cage to be close to me! I thought that was pretty cool.
TG: Have you ever worked with any animals on Home and Away?
BEC: We had a labador puppy once but that was with another character. I always said if anyone gets a dog can it pleeeeease be me! But it wasn't but that's ok ... Um I think there is another four-legged creature coming on the show but I can't tell you what it is!