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Midas Touch

Having a day off is not an option for Home and Away star Rebecca Cartwright. With the launch of her self titled cd the bubbly 19 year old hasn't had time to relax since her first single All Seats Taken hit last October and turned to gold.
Playfully wrestling with her two dogs Buster and Abbey in the home on Sydney's northern beaches she shares with real - life love and co - star Beau Brady, Bec can't wait for her music career to take off.
" I'm  so excited about the cd. I played it to my mum for the first time and she really liked it ", says Bec who counts J Lo and Pink as her musical influences.
With her role as Hayley Smith on Home and Away demanding most of her time, working on her cd whenever she could. " I'd work on Home and Away during the day and record until after midnight and on weekends ", she explains.
Bec who has danced since she was three decided she wanted to add ' popstar ' to her resume when she missed making it to her dance classes. " I've always been into performing. I got serious when I changed to a performing arts school ", she says. " A year before my first single I started missing dance classes.
" I went back to the occasional class and thought ' I wouldn't mind giving it a go ', So I spoke to a friend of mine who is now my manager, we went to Warner music and now it's all happening ". Although wary of the obvious comparison with other soap - types - turned - pop - stars, Bec is confident it won't bother her.
" What people don't realise is I've been singing and dancing since I aws little. I had to stop it for Home and Away and I really missed it ", Bec explains. " Holly [ Valance ] has done really well in the UK. Delta [ Goodrem ] who is fantastic - we virtually grew up together - has a copletely different style. And Michala [ Banas ] is different again ".
As if following in these footsteps wasn't difficult enough, Bec's debut gig was even more nerve - racking. " My first major performance was at the logies. But the sound went and no one could hear me ! " she recalls.
To add to her stage fright she performed in front of her cast mates ! " I didn't want to know where they were in the audience but I couldn't miss them because they were standing and clapping ! " she laughs. Sharing the stage with Dannii Minogue and Sophie Monk was also a highlight. " It was awesome. Sophie and I get along really well. I aws so excited to meet Dannii. She was just so lovely ".
Bec says Dannii took on a big sister role especially after her sound disaster. " Afterwards when I was disappointed she looked after me and said ' Don't worry it happens all the time ' . She aws really thoughtful and sweet. She ran straight over when she got off stage and told me what a good job I'd done ".
While Bec would love a career as a successful as Dannii's she's not willing to move to the UK just yet. " Dannii has done very well but she lives in the UK - which I couldn't do. I need to have Australia as my home and go to England for months at a time. But I'd miss my dogs !
" Hopefully my cd will be released in the UK but I need to wait until I've got time off work so I can promote it. We're looking at the end of the year when I've got four weeks off Home nad Away ". Fans needn't worry about Bec leaving the soap anytime soon though. " I want to do both " she insists.
Bec;'s partner Beau who plays on - screen love Noah Lawson couldn't be happier about her new music career. " He's really happy - he's into music too. He's very talented ", she says. " He's written a couple of songs for me. He's determined to get them on the next album !" So can we see a duet happening ? " No definitely not !" she laughs.