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Thanks for letting us tag along today Bec. Do you often go on shopping sprees here?
I never plan shopping sprees - it's just a sput-of-the-moment thing. I really love going to this bookshop, Bookoccino and I love really nice lingerie.
Suzanne at Hetty Belle Lingerie knows exactly what I like and already selects pieces for me. She's got an amazing collection in her shop.
I wanted to wear underwear to the TV Week Logies earlier this year but my publicist wouldn't let me. She didn't realise I was talking about a bodysuit and wearing it with a skirt!
I like the designers One teaspoon and hip and groovy stuff. Hayley my character in Home and Away weras lots of pretty, girlie, floral clothes which I also love to wear but I don't have any in my wardrobe at home. I wear enough of it on the show!  
What sort of books do you read?
I love books but not novels. I read too many scripts! One of my favourite books is of top magazine covers. I've got some cool books. I even buy kids books and I love picture books - those coffee-table ones with a beach-style theme. I also love those little ones near the counter here of puppies and architecture.

What do you do to unwind?
I just go to the beach and take the dog to the doggie beach. At night-time I go to the movies and just be in someone else's wprld. I love to catch up with my friends and ride my dirt bike.
How do you relax in between reading scripts for Home and Away?
I knit! I'm not really good but I knit long wonky scarves.
And what are your beauty tips?
Drink lots of water and sleep as much as you can! I hardly wear any make-up for Home and Away except for base, mascara and lip gloss. Except when we have a party. Then I get dressed up!